Yes, you do! 

When you return an item, it will take us 5 business days at the most to assess the refund eligibility against the return claim. We have 2 refund methods:

Indoook Wallet refund (only for orders paid by Cash on Delivery):

In this refund mode, we will credit your money to your Indoook Wallet, which is available immediately for spending on your next purchase. It takes upto 3 weeks for the item to return to us, get inspected, and for your wallet refund to be processed (if your return claim is valid).

Note: for technical reasons, once the amount has been refunded to your wallet, we will not be able to take it back or change the refund method.

Credit/Debit Card refund (only for orders paid by Credit/Debit Card):  

In this refund mode, once you hand over the item to the courier company, the returned item will be inspected and, if return claim was found to be valid (only for damaged items), we will start the refund process from our end. Returning and inspecting the items takes up to 13 business days, and banking processes usually take up to an additional 14 business days for the amount to be credited to your card account.


We can only refund in the markets we serve in.

 For the customers who left UAE we have the below alternatives: 

  1. They can provide the bank details of any family member or friend who has bank account in UAE.
  2. Western Union Money Transfer (at the discretion of Indoook founders only)